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CAPA Resources


Assessment Terminology and Definitions (Word doc)

Standards at a Glance (from MSCHE publication "Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education")

AAC&U Value Rubrics  (from Association of American Colleges and Universities)

Resources for Online Instruction and Assessment (Word doc)


Resource Title


NILO Resource

NILO All-in-One: Combining Grading, Course, Program, and General Education Outcomes Assessment

Learning Outcomes Assessment Document
ETS May 2013

ETS Inside Higher ED: A selection of Inside Higher Ed articles and essays on massive open online courses (May 2013)

ETS Accreditation Booklet

ETS Inside Higher ED: Accreditation and Student Learning (Sept 2013)

ETS Accreditation and Student Learning
ETS Retention Booklet

ETS Inside Higher ED:  The Retention Agenda (July 2013)

ETS Retention Agenda
Excellence in Higher Education cover

MSCHE: Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education (March 2009)

PDF of online document