COVID-19 Updates

BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.

COVID-19 Response Training Webinars


Welcome to the CETL Teaching with Technology web series! 

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We have all been scrambling to adjust to remote instruction since the COVID-19 campus closure.  Now it’s time for faculty to help other faculty members by sharing what we have learned about how to teach remotely and why we made the pedagogy choices that we did. 

What you need, when you need it:  The courses are designed to match up to what faculty members need at each point in the semester.  The first two weeks focus on principles of how to organize a course for remote instruction and how to meet with students remotely.  In late April/early May, we discuss how to create final exams and assignments and how to grade them.  The last two weeks are designed to look forward to preparing your courses to be fully online in the summer sessions.

Weekly format: On Mondays, we will have Monday Basics for Teaching Online – a recorded video to walkthrough step-by-step on tools and methods important for remote instruction in Blackboard.  On Wednesdays’ Wisdom for Teaching Online we will host live webinars at 3 EDT where a faculty member will welcome you into one of their courses for a course tour.  Faculty members will offer a course tour while explaining their “why” for course content and organization, and answer your questions!

Links for Wednesday’s Wisdom webinars, along with the Meeting ID and Password, will be emailed on Monday.