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Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC Form)


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Click on "Complete Form" to fill out the CPIC form and obtain all required signatures (Department Head and Division Vice-President). Once that has been completed, please scan and submit the form to Ms. Nicole Price at

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UPDATE: To make a new major project request, a CPIC form must be completed and submitted to the Division of Information Technology.


Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) is a standardized method used to select, manage, and evaluate technology information prior to investment.   



Phase 1: Analyze

During this pre-selection phase, the executive cabinet will assess information supporting the strategic direction and mission of the proposed investment.

Phase 2: Select

During this phase, the cabinet will select the IT projects that best align and support the universities strategic mission and goals as a result of the investment analysis completed during the Analyze Phase. 

Phase 3: Control

This phase solidifies DIT’s commitment to provide effective and efficient oversight of the quality, monitoring, and management of IT investments that are executed or developed following the CPIC framework.

Phase 4: Evaluate

During this phase, a comparative review of implemented projects actual versus expected performance results are evaluated to (1) determine the investments impact on strategic performance; (2) establish needed revisions for improvement to the investment; and (3) benchmark the investment management process based on lessons learned.

Source:   Source

Source: Capital Planning and Investment Control  | Office of the Chief Information Officer - US Department of Agriculture


The Division of Information Technology is primarily responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the CPIC process.  To begin, complete the request form, print and submit to your department head for signed approval. Submit the completed form to the Division of Information Technology contact person indicated on the CPIC form.  Within 24-48 hours, the requestor will receive an email confirmation that the project CPIC request form has been received.  If additional information is required, DIT will contact the requestor. In conclusion, the requesting Division Vice-President will communicate the project approval status. Types of service and solutions projects that requires a submitted IT Service and Request form:The purchase or installation of any software application that will be used on the BSU network.
What to expect after your project has been approved:
  1. DIT will contact the requesting department within two business days to schedule a meeting with the Division Vice-President and project participants to discuss project details.
  2. Prior to the scheduled meeting, please submit a copy of the software application contract and the technical specifications to the DIT Project Manager.
  3. During the scheduled meeting, participants will gather, discuss project documentation and establish next steps.
IMPORTANT: The final approval date is not the project start date.  The project will be placed in the DIT pipeline and the exact start date will be determined by the BSU Executive Cabinet.