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Victim Services


Seek Medical Assistance—It is very important that you see a doctor as soon as possible after a sexual assault. A medical examination serves two purposes. It ensures that you receive whatever medical aid you need and that any available evidence is collected. The University's initial contact person, the Henry Wise Wellness Center, available at 301-860-4171, will assist a victim in obtaining medical attention if the victim chooses, including providing transportation to the hospital or other emergency medical facility.

A medical examination is always recommended even if you decide not to officially report a crime. It is a good idea to have evidence collected initially in case you decide to take legal action at a later date, although it is always recommended to make an official report.

Hospital Services—The nearest hospital equipped with the Department of State Police Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit is Prince George's Hospital Center, located at 3001 Hospital Drive, Cheverly, MD 20785. The telephone number is 301-618-3750.

Prince George's Hospital Center also hosts a sexual assault/rape crisis center. The center provides free 24-hour support services for victims of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence. The telephone number is 301-618-3750.

Counseling Services—The Henry Wise Wellness Center provides individual and group counseling for victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and incest. The telephone number is 301-860-1461.

Other Services—The Judicial Affairs coordinator in the Division of Student Affairs will provide assistance to students who report they are victims of sexual assault with a transfer to alternative classes or housing, if such alternatives are requested by the victim and are available, feasible, and appropriate to the facts of the sexual assault reported. The telephone number is 301-860-3394. The director of Human Resources will provide assistance to student employees who report they are victims of sexual assault with an alternative employment situation if such an alternative is requested by the victim. The telephone number is 301-860-3451.


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