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II - 3.20 - Policy on Teaching Outside the Home Institution


I. Policy and Purpose

A full-time faculty member, with the written permission of the President or his/her designee of the University, may teach a maximum of two courses at another institution for extra compensation during the individual's contract year.

II. Applicability

A. Scope:  This policy covers all external teaching activities.

B. Eligibility:  This policy applies to all full-time faculty, including full-time contractual and temporary faculty.

C. Responsibility:

  1. The faculty member is responsible for submitting a request, in writing through the University's Outside Employment Form, to the Chair and the Dean of the School, one semester prior to the start of any proposed external teaching.
  2. The Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (Provost), together with the Department Chair and the School Dean, is responsible for ensuring that a faculty member's external teaching load is consistent with the Board of Regents policy (two additional courses) governing the same.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. A faculty member requesting permission to teach courses at another institution must submit a request for approval (as stated in C-1 above) to the Department Chair each year in which the faculty member expects to teach outside the University.

B. Included in the request and appropriate forms, the faculty members must be able to demonstrate to the reviewing parties (Chair, Dean, and Provost), that such external teaching will not interfere with his/her contractual responsibilities to the school, department, including attending scheduled meetings, keeping office hours with students, or other conditions specified in the Faculty Handbook or that faculty member's contract for employment.

C. The Department Chair, along with the Dean of the School, shall submit the request and all supporting documentation to the Provost for consideration and approval.

D. The Provost shall submit the request form and all supporting documentation to the President of the University for final approval.

E. Within thirty (30) days after a request has been submitted, the Provost shall respond to the applicant in writing with a final decision.

F. The faculty member must receive written notification that his/her request has been approved prior to accepting external teaching assignments at another institution.

IV. Result

A system which allows faculty to contribute to teaching effectiveness at another institution while ensuring that such external teaching does not detract from the faculty member's contractual responsibilities at the home institution.

V. Exceptions and Deviations


VI. Definitions



Effective Date:  05/05/1998