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II - 1.24 - Policy on Maximum Annual Salary for Faculty on Federal Grant


I. Purpose

The purpose of the "Bowie State University Policy On Maximum Annual Salary for Faculty" is to define the maximum salary a Bowie State University faculty member may earn during the academic year (9 or 10 months) and summer session (2 or 3 months), and how that compensation is to be determined.

II. Policy

Faculty will be compensated on an academic year basis with the maximum compensation determined by the formula outlined in the Procedures section below.

III. Procedures

A. Maximum Academic Year Compensation

The maximum academic year compensation for a faculty member on a nine- or ten-month contract is limited to the amount of the contract except when compensation is received for overloads. Overload payments may not exceed 33% above the base salary of a nine-month contract, or 20% above the academic year base salary of a ten-month contract, and must come from University or private funds. Federal funds may be used for overload compensation.

Formula.  The maximum overload compensation for an academic year contract of 9 or 10 months is determined as follows:  Multiply the base salary by .33 on a nine-month contract or .20 on a ten-month contract; the resulting figure is the maximum overload compensation allowed for that period.

B. Maximum Summer Session Compensation

The maximum summer session compensation for a faculty member on a nine- or ten-month contract [may receive summer compensation] is limited to the balance of months remaining in a 12-month period after the length of the academic year contract is subtracted. Overload payments may not exceed the rate of 33% above the amount payable in the summer (on nine-month contracts) or 20% above the amount payable in the summer on the ten-month contracts.

Formula.  A faculty member on a nine-month contract may earn up to three months salary, and a faculty member on a ten-month contract may earn up to two months salary in the summer regardless of the source(s) of funding. To determine that amount, divide the amount of the nine-month contract by nine and multiply by three. In the case of the ten-month contract, divide by ten and multiply by two.

Federal funds may be used for overload payments in the summer.

C. Example Calculation of Maximum Annual Compensation

Should a faculty member choose to take full advantage of available compensation options, the following example illustrates the formulas used to calculate compensation for the academic year and summer session of a person on a nine-month contract.

Nine-Month Contract

Base Salary -$45,000
Overload @ 33% - $14,850
Total Academic Year - $59,850

Summer Session Contract

Base Salary (3 months @$5,000/month) - $15,000
Overload @ 33% - $4,950
Total Summer Session - $19,950




Effective Date:  02/07/2002

Revised Date: 07/01/2017