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III - 4.00 - Policy on Bowie State University Admissions Standards


Bowie State University will increase its admission standards for undergraduate, first time freshmen who apply in 1996 for the 1996-97 academic year. Standards must be increased to coincide with the adjustments created by the recent recentering of the SAT, to attract and recruit a freshman class that meets the institutional goals and standards, to comply with the Board of Regents mandate to decrease the level of remediation at the four year colleges and universities, and to improve the retention and graduation rate at this institution. At the same time, Bowie State University will continue to fulfill its historical mission to provide educational opportunities to students through its Probationary Admissions Program, Conditional Admissions Program, Connect Program, and by developing a program that will assist high school students to prepare for the SAT.

Appeals of denial of admissions will be handled by the Coordinator of Undergraduate Recruitment and Enrollment and the Assistant V.P. for Enrollment Management.

High school equivalence certificate holders, graduates from non-accredited high schools, and transfer students will continue to be evaluated by 1995-96 standards. Applications received in 1995 for the 1996-97 academic year will be evaluated by 1995-96 standards using the recentered equivalent SAT scores.

The following three levels of admission will be in effect August 1, 1996 for all applications received beginning for the 1996-97 academic year.


Preferred AdmissionMinimum GPA (core) (In-State)Minimum Recentered SAT ACT
2.2 900 19
2.6 850-899 18
3.0 800-849 17
2.1-2.19 930 20
2.0-2.09 960 20
Preferred AdmissionMinimum GPA (core) (Out-of-State)Minimum Recentered SAT ACT
2.6 950 20
2.9 900-949 19
3.2 850-899 18
2.5-2.59 980 21
2.4-2.49 1010 22

II. Probationary Admission

These students will be considered for admission to the University under the following conditions:

A. Students will be assigned an academic advisor/mentor by the Dean of the University College of Excellence for the first year of enrollment.

B. Students who test into Developmental English, Reading, or Math must pass these courses with a minimum grade of a C by the end of the year.

C. Students must obtain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and 24 credits by the end of the year.

D. Part-time probationary admits must obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 by the time they have earned 24 hours.

E. Failure to meet these conditions will result in dismissal from the University. These students will be encouraged to enroll in a community college and earn an Associates of Arts degree before returning to the University.

F. The maximum number of probationary admits combined with the number of conditional admits will be limited to 40% of the incoming freshman class.

Probationary Admission Minimum GPA (core)

(In-State)Minimum Recentered SAT ACT
2.0-2.19 830-899 17
Preferred AdmissionMinimum GPA (core) (Out-of State)Minimum Recentered SAT ACT
2.2-2.59 860-949 18 


III. Conditional Admission

These students will be selected from those applicants who were originally denied admission to the institution. Those students selected to participate will be invited to participate in a summer enrichment program. Based on their performance, some may be offered conditional admission to the institution. These students will be required to meet the probationary admission criteria (see Section II) in order to maintain enrollment. The maximum number of conditional admits will be limited to 15% of the incoming freshman class in accordance with the USM policy.

Conditional Admission Minimum GPA (core) (In-State)Minimum Recentered SAT ACT 
2.0 760-829 16
Conditional AdmissionMinimum GPA (core) Out-of StateMinimum Recentered SAT ACT
2.0 780-859 16

The levels in I, II and III above supersede those effective beginning 1/1/96.


Effective Date:  12/22/1998