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VII - 4.30 - Emergency Payroll Payments


Departments of the University are authorized to make emergency payments to bona fide employees from the "Working Fund" established by the Controller for salaries and wages earned when a regular payroll check is not received from the Central Payroll Bureau. Emergency payments will not be made when salaries and wages are due as a result of promotion of the employee unless the employee did not receive any check for the payroll period.

1. The emergency payment of funds to an employee against his first pay check shall not exceed 60% of gross amount due the employee for the pay period worked.

2. Emergency payment will be made when the employee has earned pay and shall be made only at the end of period when the employee would ordinarily receive a regular payroll check. Regardless of the time of employment during the pay period, emergency payment is authorized if requested by the employee.

3. All emergency payments must be made by check from the "Working Fund" established by the Controller. Cash will not be used to make emergency payments.


Effective Date: 1991