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Doctor of Computer Science

Dissertation Committee


Guidelines for Committee Selection

A student should select and meet with his/her dissertation committee prior to the completion of the third semester. The role of this committee is to advise and help direct the student's academic and research programs. The dissertation committee will be composed of a minimum of five (5) members (no more than seven (7)), including the committee chair, who will be the student's doctoral advisor. The chair and three of the members must be BSU computer science faculty members. External committee members must be approved and offer a needed expertise. The doctoral program committee must approve the dissertation committee constituency.

The dissertation subject is selected by the student, with input from the dissertation committee, at least two years prior to the oral defense. It must be a scholarly contribution to a major field of computer science in the student's concentration area, consisting of new important knowledge or a major modification, amplification, or interpretation of existing significant knowledge. The written dissertation format must follow the BSU Dissertation and Thesis Guide, which can be obtained from the Department of Computer Science or online.

In the first meeting with the dissertation committee, the student should provide appropriate background material on his/her education to aid committee members in advising the student on course work. The student should also brief the committee on his/her research interest and any thoughts on the thesis/dissertation. Obtaining committee consent is essential toward ensuring future success. Subsequently, the student should meet with the committee at least once a semester. The dissertation advisor will conduct the semester meetings. Regular meetings will ensure that progress is made in accordance with the committee's expectations.