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Doctor of Computer Science

Dissertation Defense


Dissertation Defense Procedures

In order to complete the requirements for the doctoral degree, students will prepare and successfully defend a written dissertation in accordance with the format and procedure dictated by the BSU Department of Computer Science and the Graduate School. Each student must orally defend the completed doctoral research to his/her dissertation committee. The defense will be open to the public and must be publicized at least two weeks in advance. The first hour of this final examination will consist of an open seminar to faculty and students of the department on the student's research. This will be followed by a closed examination of the candidate by the doctoral advisor and the dissertation committee. This examination will follow guidelines established by the Department of Computer Science and the Graduate School. The examination can be wide-ranging, but will usually utilize the student's research as a starting point. At the completion of the examination, the doctoral advisor and dissertation committee will vote to either pass or fail the student. If the majority of the committee members cast negative votes, it is considered a failure of the examination.