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Doctor of Computer Science

Required Courses


The following lists are subject to change.

A. Computer Science Core Topics (15 credits)

COSC 502 Computer Organization

COSC 504 Software Design and Development II

COSC 514 Operating Systems I

COSC 522 Discrete Structures

COSC 528 Design and Analysis of Algorithms I


B. Knowledge Areas

(45 credits required from four knowledge areas (where the 500-level courses cannot exceed 9 credits and those courses should also include at least 9 credits of 800-level courses), and 12 credits from the 900-level dissertation courses.

1. Computer Systems

COSC 535 Information Privacy and Security

COSC 545 Software Security

COSC 554 Design of Embedded Systems

COSC 585 Computer Communication Networks I

COSC 614 Operating Systems II

COSC 735 Advanced Wireless Security

COSC 645 Applied Cryptography

COSC 685 Computer Communication Networks II

COSC 687 Distributed Computer Systems

COSC 887 High Performance Computing

2. Software Engineering and Programming Languages

COSC 551 Formal Methods in Programming Languages

COSC 561 Compiler Design and Construction I

COSC 565 Software Engineering I

COSC 575 Object-Oriented Programming and Design

COSC 615 Performance Evaluation

COSC 661 Compiler Design and Construction II

COSC 665 Software Engineering II

3. Database Systems and Artificial Intelligence

COSC 531 Database Design

COSC 573 Artificial Intelligence I

COSC 631 Database and Information Systems II

COSC 731 Principles of Data Mining

COCS 750 Pattern Recognition I

COSC 673 Artificial Intelligence II 

COSC 831 Advanced Data Warehousing and Data Mining

4. Multimedia Technology/Computer Vision

COSC 518 Computer Graphics I

COSC 618 Computer Graphics II

COSC 719 Image Processing I

COSC 729 Virtual Reality and Its Applications

COSC 819 Image Processing II

COSC 829 Advanced Virtual Reality Systems

5. Scientific Computing

COSC 523 Logic, Computability, & Automata I

COSC 541 Numerical Analysis I

COSC 623 Logic, Computability, & Automata II

COSC 641 Numerical Analysis II

COSC 675 Applied Combinatorics and Graph Theory

COSC 676 Queuing Theory in Computer Science

COSC 678 Modeling and Simulation

COSC 871 Numerical Optimization

Selected Topics

COSC 890-899 Selected topics- could be added to any of the knowledge areas, but will not be included in the comprehensive examination.

C. Dissertation area (12 credits required)

COSC 900- 909 Dissertation Courses