COVID-19 Update

Non-essential employees are mostly teleworking, and classes have shifted to a hybrid model, with in-person and online instruction.

Master's of Computer Science

Data Science Specialization


Specialization in Data Science

The Data Science specialization focuses on core competencies in machine learning, data mining, data visualization, and cloud computing. It also includes interdisciplinary data science course work offered in cooperation with BSU's Department of Mathmatics. The Machine Learning course work focuses on tool-oriented and problem-directed approaches to machine learning with applications in computer vision, natural language processing, simulations, and voice & music synthesis. The Data Visualization course work is designed to create effective and understandable data presentations. Database visualization tools such as Tableau are used. The Data Mining course work teaches students how to discover patterns in structured data. Students also learn how to retrieve information from unstructured data sources, such as natural language text and images. The Cloud Computing course work covers cloud computing technology, infrastructure and application development that is essential for supporting the discovery and extraction of knowledge from big data.


Five core courses:

COSC 502 -  Computer Organization
COSC 504 -  Software Design & DeveIopment I
COSC 514 -  Operating Systems I
COSC 522 -  Discrete Structures
COSC 528 -  Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Plus the following courses:

COSC 531  - Database Design
COSC 590 - Selected Topics in Data Science
COSC 591 - Selected Topics in Big Data Analytics
COSC 731 - Principles of Data Mining
COSC 698 - Applied Research
MATH 544 - Applied Statistics

        And one additional elective from the following:

COSC 690 - Selected Topics in Information Visualization
COSC 691 - Selected Topics in Applied Machine Learning
COSC 678 - Modeling & Simulation
COSC 831 - Advanced Data Warehousing and Data Mining


COSC 696 -  Master's Thesis in Computer Science  I and COSC 697 -  Master's Thesis in Computer Science II