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BSU is open. An initial plan to return to campus in the fall 2020 semester is now available.


Nursing Major


For almost 30 years, Bowie State has cultivated naturally caring people into dynamic nursing professionals. The Bachelor of Science program, one of the most respected in the region, features a state-of-the-art simulation laboratory and community-based clinical placements to prepare students to deliver the best in client care. You’ll think critically, master new technologies, develop leadership skills and work collaboratively as part of a health care team to meet the needs of global communities, from your own neighborhood to developing regions abroad. Graduate with the education and skills necessary to begin a career providing exceptional service to those in need.

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What sets us apart from other programs: our passion for increasing the number of qualified people of color in the nursing field. We believe well-rounded students make the best nurses and our liberal arts-based curriculum, infused with content from the social sciences, arts, humanities and computer science as well as health and science, opens up possibilities and opportunities in a broad range of careers. As a nursing major, you will:

  • Analyze research and policies that affect nursing practice and client care
  • Interpret how power, accountability and advocacy relate to nursing
  • Develop specialized communication skills to effectively lead, collaborate and practice
  • Learn how culture, lifestyle, values and traditions intersect in client care
  • Use research findings to help clients prevent, manage and cure disease
  • Integrate critical thinking and judgment to facilitate client’s optimal wellness

The baccalaureate nursing program prepares students to become generalists practicing within the ethical and legal framework of professional nursing. Your education will equip you to not only meet the changing health care needs of diverse populations; it will prepare you to be a leader.