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 Nursing Major

Traditional BS Program Admission Procedures


The Department of Nursing follows the admission policy set forth by the University.  Students are encouraged to declare their majors in the freshman year so that an Academic Advisor can be assigned, and the nursing curriculum can be followed as outlined by the Department of Nursing.  The Department of Nursing has instituted the following admission process for students:

  1. Obtain general university admission through the Bowie State University Office of Admissions.
  2. Complete a nursing program application packet (which includes a request for):
    1. Completion of an application form.
    2. An autobiographical summary (two-page maximum). Please address the following:
      • Explain why you are interested in the Traditional BS Nursing Program?
      • How has your experience prepared you for this opportunity?
      • Tell us about yourself (family/academic background).
      • What qualities do you believe to be most necessary to be an effective nurse?
      • What personal qualities do you possess, which makes you an effective nurse?
      • What are your long-term goals/plans after graduating from our program? (Graduate school/work)?
    3. Two reference letters (Attach two sealed letters of reference from persons who know you in a professional or academic capacity - employer, professor, mentor, community service representative - and can discuss your suitability for pursuing a degree in nursing)
    4. Sealed official academic transcripts: (one copy per each nursing program application)
    5.  Successful completion of the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills), the nursing entrance exam taken through Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). You may get information about the TEAS by calling ATI at 800-667-7531.
  3. Document the following grade point average (GPA) -
    1. Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better
    2. Science GPA of 3.0 or better (Science courses cannot be older than five (5) years.)
  4. Interview with the Department of Nursing’s Faculty Admission Review Committee (After the student has completed this process, a letter is sent to all applicants confirming the status of their nursing admission candidacy.)
  5. Receive and review Department of Nursing Student Handbook containing department policies, procedures, university course requirements and nursing program requirements.