Enhanced and Existing Safety at Bowie State

The University President has released a message concerning enhanced and existing safety measures on campus.

Weekend College Registration


Welcome to the Weekend College

We are pleased that you have chosen to enroll in our Weekend College. The Human Resource Development program will prepare our for an exciting field in which you will be able to grow and evolve in areas that you will find of interest in your career. You will learn many skills that you will be able to utilize to build the career of your choice. We are sure you will enjoy the program and will find the Weekend College format convenient and accessible.

Where to Begin

Now that you have received your acceptance notice, you will see on the letter the name of the advisor who has been assigned to you. Your advisor is a member of the Human Resource Development (HRD) program and will be able to guide you into the program. Now take a breath. We must stress that it is important for you to feel comfortable as you begin Bowie State University and progress through the program to your degree. You have many experiences and will learn a great deal about your field. You will also interact with other students and faculty, forming relationships which will assist you in your academic, professional and personal pursuits. Our first conversation with your advisor is the beginning of this new experience.

The classes you will be taking are specified for the Weekend College. Below is the listing of the three classes in which you will enroll. Once you have a conversation with your advisor, we will assist you in registration. In fact, Mr. Jerry L. Isaac, the Director of the Weekend College, will actually register you into your classes this semester. We want to ensure your registration, so that you have the courses you will need. Your advisor will forward your information to him, and he will register you and then contact you.

Fall 2017 Weekend College Courses

  • HURD 601.700 (1020) Human Resource Development (First 5 weeks session)
  • HURD 690.700 (1064) Adult Learning (Second 5 week session)
  • HURD 702.700 (2948) Mediating Conflict (Third 5 week session)

One more thing!

We want to make sure you have everything you need. Please review the checklist below:


  • Apply for Financial Aid
    • Complete the FAFSA form and submit it to the Department of Education for processing. The BSU School Code is: 002062
  • Contact your Program Advisor
    • Discuss the program and classes.
    • Ask any questions you have about progressing through and completing the program
    • Ask any questions about Bowie State University
  • Once registration is complete, pay for classes or make financial arrangements
  • Go online to efollett.com to learn which books are required and look to find the best deal
  • Prepare for a great academic year.