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DSS Recorded Lecture Agreement


The Disability Support Services (DSS) Office, where appropriate, may recommend that a student with a qualifying disability be permitted to record lectures as a form of an academic accommodation.

Students with disabilities who are unable to take or read notes have the right to record class lectures for their personal study only.* Lectures recorded for this purpose may not be shared with other people without the consent of the lecturer. Recorded lectures may not be used in any way against the faculty member, other lecturers, or students whose classroom comments are recorded as part of the class activity. Information contained in the recorded lecture is protected under federal copyright laws and may not be published or quoted without the express consent of the lecturer and without giving proper identity and credit to the lecturer.


A student with a qualifying disability must be registered with the DSS. The student must provide appropriate documentation to DSS pertaining to the disability. When appropriate accommodations have been discussed, agreed, and the accommodation includes recording a lecture, the student will sign this agreement. One copy of this agreement will be kept in the student's confidential file. Instructors may request a copy of this signed agreement to keep in his/her personal files. 

*84.44 of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (P.L. 93-112, amended P.L. 93-156

DSS Recorded Lecture Agreement

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