Reactivate a Club or Organization

Student Organization Recognition Process

New Registration Process

Students will now register to start a club and organization through ‘The Yard’ management platform.

Every prospective organization must register through ‘The Yard’ to be considered active. 

Select here to access 'The Yard'

All Organizations for Fall 2022 must complete the following:

  1. Create or activate your organization in ‘The Yard’
  2. Upload your Constitution
  3. Add and verify your members
  4. Submit Advisor information
  5. Submit Event Requests for Fall 2022 through 'The Yard'
  6. Attend training August TBD, 2022

Step One

Create New or Activate your Organization in ‘The Yard’.

Step Two

Receive confirmation that your organization is approved.

Step Three

Attend Student Organization Training.  Training link will be sent once your organization is approved.

Student Organization Training covers:

  • Training to manage your group in ‘The Yard’.
  • Space request process
  • Fundraising rules
  • SGA budget request procedures
  • Monthly meeting requirements
  • Mandatory leadership workshops.

*Please note that your organization will have to reactivate in ‘The Yard’ every year to be considered “active.” Once your organization has been approved, you will only need to update Advisors, Organization Officers and Members.