Become a Bulldog Buddy

Help a Friend Get Vaccinated and Claim $250 Bulldog Bucks

September 15, 2021

The countdown to the Bowie State vaccination deadline continues with just 15 days to September 30.  Many have responded to the recurring messages to get vaccinated, but we don’t want to leave any Bulldogs unprotected.

Throughout the pandemic, our motto has been “We Protect Our Own.” At this critical moment with just 15 days remaining for students to comply with the September 30 deadline to remain enrolled, we are calling on the vaccinated members of the campus community to join in the effort. Students, faculty and staff can become a Bulldog Buddy to friends you know have not yet begun the vaccination process. Encourage and convince them with gentle care and you both can receive $250 in Bulldog Bucks.

Who can be a Bulldog Buddy?    

Any vaccinated student, faculty or staff who knows a student who is not vaccinated can be a Bulldog Buddy if you convince them to get the vaccine. You must both come together to the Wellness Center to the vaccine appointment.

What is the Bulldog Buddy incentive?    

The vaccinated Bulldog Buddy and the friend getting the vaccine will each receive $250 in Bulldog Bucks added to you Bowie Card that you can swipe at retail areas across the campus.

Is the incentive available for all vaccines?          

Only the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can protect the friend from the virus and the risk of disenrollment on Sept. 30, so the incentive is only available for taking the J&J vaccine.

How does the unvaccinated friend enter campus?    

Help the friend make a vaccine appointment in the Wellness Patient Portal or call the Wellness Center at 301-860-4177. Then complete the daily symptom survey  which will turn the badge yellow to allow access at the gate by showing the Wellness appointment.

We don’t want to lose any Bulldogs from our community, so we are calling on everyone to help students accept the science that is already saving millions of lives. We must educate and support our students to make wise decisions for their future. 

If you have any questions about the requirements for the return to campus, please email and monitor the COVID-19 Updates web section for the latest information.