Twice Weekly Testing, Classroom Safety, Student Move-in

January 13, 2021

Implementation of the twice-weekly COVID-19 testing regimen began this week for employees and students working on campus. It will expand next week to students returning to the residence halls. Commuter students will begin testing when classes start on Jan. 25. Appointments for testing should be made through the Wellness Patient Portal. Only students with in-person classes or who seek to come to campus are required to test.

A nasal swab rapid COVID-19 test and the standard nasal swab PCR test will both be administered on your first day before work or class, followed by a second rapid test later in the week. Results of the rapid test will be available in the Wellness Portal message tab within 20 minutes. You can enable text message alerts by updating your profile within the portal.

Because of the varied work and class schedules developed to meet low-density requirements each day, the following guidance will help you determine your appropriate testing days using the acronym P.A.C. described below.

On campus at the beginning and end of the week; once a week or occasionally, (for example, Monday and Friday; only Wednesdays; to pick up something occasionally): Test each day you come to campus

Alternating Days
On campus two or three days with a day off in between (for example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday): Test first day and any second day you choose

Consecutive Days
On campus consecutive days (for example, Monday through Friday, or Tuesday through Thursday): Test the first day and any second day you choose

Classroom Safety Measures

In advance of students and faculty returning to in-person/hybrid classes, numerous safety measures have been implemented in classrooms to enhance protection against the spread of the virus.

Standard classroom/lab setup:

  • Two 4’x8’ barriers in front of instructor’s station
  • Air purifier in each classroom
  • Seating set for social/distancing (minimum 6’ spacing between student desks/seats)
  • Hand sanitizer stations at entrances
  • Floor markers as needed
  • Entrance/Exit signs for classrooms with multiple doors
  • Classroom wipe down of high touch points, instructor’s area and student seating areas between classes
  • Deep clean and sanitizing spray overnight

Any requests for personal protective equipment (PPE) should be submitted to COVID-19 Campus Resource Request Form.

Residential Move-in

Students will begin returning to university residence halls on Friday, Jan. 15. Each students will have a 2 ½ hour time block to complete move-in. Upon arrival, students will be administered a rapid COVID-19 test and receive a green wristband with a negative test result. Any student with a positive result will return home or enter the university isolation space.

A full slate of activities planned by Residence Life and Campus Recreation will engage students in the residential campus experience before classes begin.

Please continue to monitor email and the COVID-19 Updates web section for the latest information. Any questions or concerns should be emailed to