Coronavirus Update

April 13, 2020

Changes to the Final Exams Dates for Spring 2020 Semester

As a result of Bowie State University’s decision to transition to a remote learning education model, the university will modify the schedule for final exams for graduating seniors for the spring 2020 semester.

In making this decision, The Provost endorses the recommendation made by the shared governance working group composed of representatives from the Faculty Senate, Student Government Association and Graduate Student Association.

The revisions of the academic calendar are as follows:

May 1              Last day to opt for Pass / Fail or Withdraw for All students

May 12            Last Day of Classes for All students

May 13            Reading Day for All students

May 14 to 21   Spring 2020 Final Exams for All students

The benefits of these revisions are as follows:

  1. Graduating seniors will have more time to study for the final exams

  2. The additional time before giving the final exams, may
    1. compensate for the time lost during the transition to the remote learning  environment,
    2. provide more time for graduating students to complete their curriculum-based required internship or practicum hours,
    3. reduce the level of anxiety for graduating students
  3. Due the change of the learning environment, giving the final exams at the same dates for graduating students and other students will provide more time for faculty to focus on one grading period per class.