Coronavirus Update


COVID-19 Update: Wellness Message; Virtual Events

Message from the BSU Wellness Center

Prince’s George’s County currently has the highest rates of COVID-19 in Maryland and African Americans are at the greatest risk for contracting the disease. Maryland has not reached the peak in the spread of the disease and increases in cases are expected, so we encourage everyone in the BSU community to please take this very seriously.

Minimize your trips from home to once a week for food. Wear face masks when going out and when you return home - change and wash clothes, wash hands and disinfect any items that you have purchased.

We are approaching the worst time in Maryland for increases in COVID19 cases. The best way to stay safe is to avoid contacts outside of the immediate family in your home. Please take every precaution, and follow the guidance from state officials.

Promoting Virtual Events

As the university continues the transition from in-person events to virtual formats, please be reminded that they are still university activities that should be posted to the online web calendar as the first step in promotion:  

As soon as the event has been confirmed and a virtual event link has been created, please submit the description and link information to the web calendar: In addition to the opportunity to be featured on the university home page, events on the calendar are also promoted in BSU social media channels and in some cases shared with the local media.

These virtual events continue to demonstrate the vibrancy and creativity of the university, even as we operate in a remote environment.


Anthony Savia

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Pandemic Continuity Coordinator