Coronavirus Update

April 28, 2020

How to select the Pass/No Credit Grading Option

The Bowie State University Registrar’s Office has established the process for undergraduate and graduate students to select the Pass/No Credit grading option for Spring 2020 courses. A new form is now available in Bulldog Connection for this purpose. The deadline to submit the form is May 1.

Students should log into Bulldog Connection and click on Student Center. The Pass/No Credit form is located under Other Links. You must list each course to which you want to apply the Pass/No Credit grading option. Before selecting this option, students should consult with academic, financial aid and other advisors about the impact on your individual circumstance. Once Pass/No Credit is selected, you cannot change to opt for a letter grade.

Pass (P) grades will be assigned for earned grades of C or above for undergraduate students and B or above for graduate students. Pass grades will receive course credit. No-Credit (NCR) grades will be assigned for earned grades of D, F, or FN for undergraduate students, and C, D, F or FN for graduate students. The student will receive no credit for the course. Pass/No Credit grades will not count in the student’s GPA.  

The Pass/No Credit FAQ provides more information on things to consider when making the decision to select this grading option.