COVID-19 Update

Non-essential employees are mostly teleworking, and classes have shifted to a hybrid model, with in-person and online instruction.

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions


Coronavirus Impact FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions submitted to and here. Check for updates.

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How will advising be done?
Academic Advising has begun and you can register for an appointment via ICan



If I am not living on campus during the fall 2020 semester, will my housing deposit fee be refunded?
The $200 housing deposit fee will be applied to your student account to defray any other charges for tuition and fees.

How can I pay my housing application fee?
Both the application and online payment links are available on the Apply for Housing webpage.


Financial Aid & Refunds

I’ve heard that some students have received their refund, when should others expect their refunds?
Credits were applied to more than 4000 student accounts the week of April 6. It will take some time for all credits to appear, depending on whether the instructions for BankMobile were followed. In addition, refunds will only be given if a student’s balance was 0.00. Otherwise, the credit(s) are applied to the student’s balance

How do we contact financial aid during this time?
Financial Aid is still accessible via telephone at 301-860-3450. You can schedule an appointment for a phone call at You can also email with questions or to submit documentation.

Will refunds be given to all students or just campus residents?
Please read the
Refund of Student Fees & Commencement Update.

Will I receive any credit from the Student Center Fee I paid for the spring 2020 semester?
The Student Center Fee is not included in the list of fees that will be adjusted. Approved fees for proration include housing, meal plan, parking, and athletics.



What accommodations are being made for students that do not have a computer or Wi-Fi access?
ny student who does not have Wi-Fi or access to a computer for remote instruction should email to indicate your special circumstances. The staff will work with individual students to provide support as needed.

Will the testing center be opened to accommodate students needing to take the midterm exam who require proctoring?
Please consult with your instructor on all matters related to your class requirements.

Does the University have laptops for students to use in a situation like this?
Any student who does not have Wi-Fi or access to a computer for remote instruction should email to indicate your special circumstances. The staff will work with individual students to provide support as needed.



What does a positive COVID-19 test result mean?
A positive result means that you have COVID-19. If you have a positive test result, it is very likely that you have COVID-19. Therefore, it is also likely that you may be placed in isolation to avoid spreading the virus to others. You should also contact Wellness Center and self-isolate for 10 days, as long as you remain symptom free. You should continue to monitor symptoms and if symptoms do develop, discuss these symptoms along with any treatment with Wellness Center

What does a negative COVID-19 test result mean?
If you test negative for COVID-19 by a viral test, you probably were not infected at the time your sample was collected. However, that does not mean you will not get sick. The test result only means that you did not have COVID-19 at the time of testing. You might test negative if the sample was collected early in your infection and test positive later during your illness. You could also be exposed to COVID-19 after the test and get infected then.

I know that students, faculty and staff need to take a COVID-19 test within 14 days of returning to campus, but which type of test should I take?

Students and employees are required to take the COVID-19 nasal swab test, or the SARS COV-2 RNA antigen test, which tells you if you are currently infected. The blood test, which tests for antibodies, only tells you if you were exposed to the virus in the past. 

Are counseling services available for students?
Yes, counseling services are available for students; please visit the COVID 19: Counseling Services FAQ for additional information and resources.

Where can I find resources for staying healthy during the pandemic?
The Henry Wise Wellness Center has shared Healthy Living Tools During COVID-19  from the State of Maryland Wellness Newsletter to keep you physically and emotionally engaged.

What can faculty and staff do to manage anxiety during this time?

Please take a moment to read Managing Anxiety & Engaging in Self-Care in the Era of the Coronavirus or Human Resources: Managing COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety.


Wellness-COVID-19 Daily Screening

Who is seeing my medical information from COVID-19 screening questions?
Only one person has access to see the responses to the COVID-19 screening questionnaire- Dr. Rita Wutoh.

Why are you asking for the name of my department supervisor and what does that have to do with my screening questionnaire?
We are requesting the name of the department supervisor- so the supervisors get a list of names of employees who have completed the screening questionnaire for the day. The supervisor does not see a report of the screening responses. This will help to increase compliance-supervisors can communicate with direct reports and tell them to complete the screening questionnaire. This will increase the safety of the BSU community if most employees complete the questionnaire and make sure they are healthy before coming to campus.

What are you doing with my medical information?
Dr. Wutoh is monitoring daily responses from the screening questionnaire, and contacting employees who indicate positive responses to see if they are at risk for COVID-19.

If an employee is teleworking, do they have to complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire?
The employee (whether on campus or teleworking) should complete a COVID -19 Screening Questionnaire daily.

What if the employee is on leave, do they have to complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire?
If an employee is on leave, the employee does not have to complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire.

What if I want to come to my office to pick something up, do I have to get tested for COVID-19 first?
If you come to campus and have not been listed as part of phase 1 or 2 Return to Work, then the security guard will check your temperature and ask you to complete the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and then give you a wrist band to wear so you can go to your office.



How will the university honor its graduates due to the cancellation of commencement?
Please read the President's Message: Virtual Commencement Celebration Set for Spring 2020 Graduates
  and visit the Virtual Commencent Celebration page for how the university honored graduates.


Bulldog Card Office

I have remaining Bulldog Bucks on my account, what is the process for requesting a refund?
Students may request a refund of any remaining Bulldog Bucks by completing the Bulldog Card Refund Form and emailing it to Dawnita Smith, Associate Director for Auxiliary Services at Please note that refunds are provided in the form of a check and mailed to the permanent address on file at the University. Students can expect their refund within 6-8 weeks from the date of submission.

Note: Bulldog Bucks do not expire and roll over from semester to semester. You may choose to leave the funds on your card and use them during the 2020-2021 school year. Bulldog Bucks transactions are returned in the form of a check because they are an allocation of funds added to your ID card and the refund is processed in our Accounts Payable office.

I lost my ID card, am I able to get a replacement at this time?
The physical Bulldog Card Office is closed and you will not be able to receive a replacement ID card. If you require assistance with information from your ID card, such as your ISO number, please email


BSU Dining Services/Meal Plans

If I am a student who is approved to remain on campus, what are my options for dining?
Currently, The Pub is open for carryout Monday - Friday from 1:00pm – 3:00pm, serving grab and go sandwiches, salads, and hot meals. You are able to swipe your meal plan to obtain two meals a day while they are open. For weekend meals, requests must be made by completing the online survey.

I didn’t use all of my flex points associated with my meal plan, will I be able to receive a credit for my remaining balance?
Yes. There will be a refund of unused flex dollars from each meal plan.  There is nothing that a student needs to do to enact the refund.  It will be posted as a credit to your student account.


BSU Bookstore

Is the bookstore still open?
The BSU Bookstore will remain closed until further notice. Our website,, will remain available for online orders.

If I would like a refund for my cap and gown, how can I receive my money back?

Cap and gown returns can be made once the University reopens. A receipt is required for all cap and gown returns. Out-of-state and international students who have left campus should email and attach a copy of their receipt explaining their situation for an exception to this process.

Is the bookstore accepting buybacks of textbooks?
Buybacks will be accepted once the physical bookstore location is re-opened.


Campus & Misc.

What are the Thurgood Marshall Library hours and how can I access library materials?
The Library is open virtually. Access is limited to pick up requested materials and pick up request is available by appointment only. See hours and schedule an appoinment here.

Per the CDC, there is a capacity per building/area- how does the University plan to monitor the amount of students in a most common buildings and  food services areas?
Individual rooms are being evaluated for capacity. We are looking at programs that will monitor the number of people in the dining hall and student center  as well as ways to monitor overall building capacity in the more popular buildings.

Is the Nutrition Lounge open?
Yes, the Nutrition Loungs is open Monday - Friday from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. for students that have been approved to remain on campus.