COVID-19 Updates

BSU is open. Non-essential employees are mostly teleworking, and classes are following a hybrid model of in-person and online instruction.

Coronavirus Update


March 24, 2020

Update on Technology Support for Telework

As we move into a period of extended teleworking, I’d first like to commend the staff in the Division of Information Technology for their ongoing efforts to implement and support technologies to enable the vast majority of BSU employees to work remotely and access the university network. I ask that you please be patient as they are working through all requests as quickly as possible. Below is information that may be helpful as you continue to work remotely.


Office Phone Management

We are unable to implement large-scale forwarding of office phones to off-site phone numbers. We are asking all staff who are teleworking to check your office voicemail at least three times a day for messages. Please update your voicemail greeting to inform callers that you are teleworking. Ask them to contact your via email (provide your email address) and note that messages left on the voicemail will be retrieved periodically. Instructions on how to access voicemail remotely can be found on the DIT website.


Who Needs VPN (Virtual Private Network) Accounts

VPN is needed primarily for staff who must access Peoplesoft Financials or need to access office desktop files or shared folders. Access to files on the One Drive or Blackboard do not require VPN. Staff who have  been granted VPN accounts should contact the DIT Helpdesk at if you experience any difficulty. Requests for VPN accounts should be made through your division vice president


Handling Sensitive Information

Faculty and staff working with student information, financial records, payroll and Human Resources documentation should be careful to not save any personally identifiable information to your remote computers.


Requesting Technical Support

Faculty and staff who need technical support should submit a Helpdesk request  through the Support Portal  This method automatically  identifies you and creates a ticket to log your request for service. Please provide the requested contact information so that you can be contacted if needed.


Telework Resources

The DIT website has links to training resources for software products that can assist with remote team collaborations. These products have been included on most BSU computers and laptops. Please use the links below for more information

Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft 365 is available to faculty and staff through Webmail. From the BSU website, click on MyBSU and select Faculty/Staff email in the blue box. Once email is launched in your browser, click on the Microsoft Apps Launcher icon to see the list of apps available to you if you do not have the full programs on your computer. microsoft screenshot