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III - 1.21 - Policy on Submission of Grades

I. Policy and Purpose

To promote faculty accountability in the timely submission of student grades.

To promote the accuracy of Bowie State University's official record keeping of student grades and to provide a process that will ensure accountability in that record keeping.

II. Applicability

A. Scope: This Policy applies to all grade submissions for all instructional time periods of the University: Fall and Spring Semesters, Mini-Semester, and Summer School.

B. Eligibility: This Policy applies to all Bowie State University faculty, of any rank or classification, full-time or part-time, who teach one or more courses during any time that the University is in session.

C. Responsibility:

1. The faculty is responsible for adhering to the Policy.

2. The Provost through the Department Chairs and School Deans, is responsible for enforcing this policy and will provide Letters of Delinquency and take other appropriate action against faculty members who fail to comply with this Policy.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. All faculty members must submit grades in accordance with BSU official schedules for the fall, spring, mini-semester, and summer sessions, such as those published in the University Schedule of Classes Booklet or any amendments thereto.

B. If a faculty member cannot comply with a scheduled date of grade submission, the faculty member must submit a letter of explanation, by no later than seven (7) working days prior to the date scheduled for grade submission, to the Department Chair who will forward same to the School Dean. The letter must include an alternative date in which the faculty member proposes to submit the grades.

C. The Dean, in consultation with the Department Chair, shall decide whether to grant an extension to a faculty member's request taking into account the following: a) whether the explanation submitted is justifiable; and, if so, b) whether the alternative date is reasonable. The Dean will respond to the faculty member's request within twenty-four (24) hours after receipt.

D. If an extension is granted, the Dean will provide a letter to the faculty member indicating the extended due date. The extended date will be one that is determined by the Dean to be reasonable under the circumstances and may not necessarily be the same as the faculty member's submitted alternative date.

E. If the Dean determines that the explanation is not reasonable, an extension will not be granted. Further, the Dean denies the request for extension, and if the faculty member fails to submit his/her grades within the time frame contained in the published schedule, he/she, in addition to receiving a Letter of Delinquency, may be subject to reprimand, as specified in Section G below and in accordance with BSU Policy II - 1.00 - Section II.H (University Policy on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure of Faculty).

F. If not approved by the Dean, the request may be appealed by the Provost.

G. If a faculty member submits his/her grades after the time period indicated in the published schedule or after the extension provided in the Provost's letter, that faculty member will receive a Letter of Delinquency notifying the faculty member that the grades are late and are to be submitted within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of said letter. If the grades are not submitted within the time period:

1. The teaching section of the faculty member's annual departmental evaluation will be reduced by 25% during the year in which the infraction occurs.

2. A copy of the Letter of Delinquency will be placed in the faculty member's personnel file.

H. The faculty member who is severing his/her relationship with BSU and is not adhering to the Policy on Submission of Grades will have his/her pay withheld until all grades are submitted and, if appropriate, procedures are put into place to satisfy incomplete grades. The Department Chair will retain records on all faculty members not adhering to or violating the Policy on the Submission of Grades.

I. In extreme cases, such as a pattern of repeatedly submitting grades beyond the submission deadline, a faculty member's employment with BSU may be terminated in accordance with all applicable BSU and University System of Maryland policies and procedures.

IV. Result

A system by which to identify and document faculty who do not comply with the scheduled submission of final grades for either of the four (4) scheduled instructional periods.

V. Exceptions and Deviations


VI. Definitions



Effective Date:  02/14/2002