III - 2.41 - Graduate Student Inter-Institutional Registration

I. Policy and Purpose

Degree-seeking graduate students at University System of Maryland (USM) institutions may, with the permission of their academic program, pursue graduate courses for credit at other institutions within the USM to augment their degree programs.

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for monitoring the implementation of the inter-institutional registration of Graduate Students.

II. Applicability

A. Scope:

1. This policy should be implemented to allow the student to augment his/her program using the proposed host institution's unique research or instructional facility, particular faculty expertise or the availability of a  particular course not offered at the home institution.

2. This policy applies to traditional face-to-face and online graduate courses.

B. Eligibility:

1. The graduate student shall initiate the process.

2. The program director or coordinator of the student's graduate program must approve the request.

3. The appropriate authority at the host institution must determine space availability for each request.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. The requesting graduate student must determine that the course(s) he/she seeks to take is/are not available at Bowie State University (BSU).

B. The requesting graduate student must request and receive a determination of space availability at the proposed host institution.

C. The requesting graduate student must meet all of the requirements stated in II.A-B above.

D. The requesting graduate student must receive approval from the Coordinator of the graduate program in which he/she is enrolled at BSU.  E. The requesting graduate student shall pay all tuition for courses taken at a host institution directly to BSU in keeping with its policies relevant to such payments.

F. Credits and grades earned by the graduate student through the inter- institutional registration institution will be defined as resident credits by BSU and entered on the student's transcript as such.

IV. Result

A means by which BSU receives and sends graduate students for program enrichment beyond the capabilities of the Home Institution.

V. Exceptions and Deviations


VI. Definitions

A. Home Institution is the institution to which the student is currently, formally admitted in an approved graduate degree program. The home institution will be responsible for admission, academic advising, grants of financial aid, the academic transcript and the awarding of the graduate degree.

B. Host Institution is the institution which registers the inter-institutional student for the inter-institutional course(s) only and offers the course(s) taken as a visiting inter-institutional student. The host institution will provide, on a space available basis, access to courses, seminars and research facilities. Use of the libraries, parking facilities and emergency health care will be made on the same terms on which they are offered to graduate students at that institution.


Effective Date:  02/14/2002 Revised Date:  06/25/2012