III - 7.50 - Policy on Inter-Institutional Graduate Faculty

I. Policy and Purpose

In keeping with BOR III-7.10, Policy on Graduate Education, the IM System Inter-institutional Graduate Faculty is established "to facilitate the inter-institutional participation of graduate students and faculty in programs throughout the University System of Maryland (USM)."

To provide information and guidance to Bowie State University (BSU) faculty who wish to become members of the USM Inter-Institutional Graduate Faculty (II-GF).

II. Applicability

A. Scope

This policy covers membership of the graduate faculty of any USM institution that has in place formal policies and procedures for review and appointment of faculty members to its institutional graduate faculty.

B. Eligibility

A faculty member must be full-time; hold a rank of Assistant Professor or higher; hold a terminal degree in the discipline field; teach a minimum of three (3) graduate courses each year; and be actively engaged in research and/or other scholarly work in the discipline, which scholarship must be reflected in recent publications and/or conference documents.

C. Responsibility

The Dean of the Graduate School, in collaboration with the deans of the respective academic schools, is responsible for enforcing this policy. However, it is the responsibility of an individual faculty to initiate the process for becoming a member of the II-GF.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. An eligible BSU faculty applies to become a member of the II-GF.

B. The faculty is responsible for preparing a letter of interest, which must include information on the graduate degrees that he/she is qualified to supervise under the conditions of the appointment and express a commitment to serve USM graduate students by participating in and contributing to the development of one or more specified graduate programs and provide a current curriculum vitae.

C. The faculty must secure two (2) letters of endorsement, one from his/her department chair and the other from his/her school dean.

D. The faculty submits the "application package" (i.e., letter of interest, CV, chair's letter, and dean's letter) to the Dean of the Graduate School who will review the case and, consequently, may forward the nomination to the Chair of the USM Inter-Institutional Graduate Council.

E. Once a member of the II-GF, membership is effective as long as the faculty continues to meet the eligibility criteria and his/her membership is endorsed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

IV. Results

BSU faculty who serve as members of the USM Inter-Institutional Graduate Faculty in order to provide their services and expertise to other USM institutions contributing to the enhancement of graduate education throughout the USM.

V. Exceptions and Deviations


VI. Definitions 

A. Inter-Institutional Graduate Faculty is a group of faculty members who have been classified as "graduate faculty" at their home institutions and who have been accepted to provide their services to graduate programs at other institutions in the USM.

B. Inter-Institutional Graduate Council is a body of representatives from USM institutions with two (2) members from each institution - to include the Dean of the Graduate School, if applicable, one voting member and another non-voting member (e.g., an administrator or a faculty).


Effective Date:  02/14/2002 Revised Date:  06/11/2012