III - 7.60 - Policy on Maximum Credit Load in the Mini-Semester

I. Policy and Purpose

This policy establishes the maximum credit hours to be taken during the Bowie State University's (BSU) scheduled Mini-Semester.  The maximum credit load of a Mini-Semester for undergraduate and graduate students shall be seven (7) credit hours per Mini-Semester.  This policy recognizes the intensive nature of Mini-Semester courses and provides students with the opportunity to focus their attention on a reduced course load during this special session.

II. Applicability

A. Eligibility

This policy is applicable to all students eligible to enroll in BSU's Mini-Semester.

B. Responsibility

Students, in consultation with their advisors, shall have the responsibility for ensuring that they do not exceed the maximum course load. The Registrar will verify each student's compliance with this policy.

III. Guidelines and Standards

A. Credits taken through Independent Study, Internship, Distance Education, Internet and/or other methods of instruction are included in the maximum credit load requirement.

B. Any student who has registered for more than seven (7) credits during the Mini-Semester will have courses dropped from his/her registration beginning with the last course added to bring his/her load in compliance with the approved maximum credit load.

IV. Exceptions

Any request for an exception must be approved by the Dean of the College in which the student is pursuing a major.


Effective Date:  06/12/2000Revised Date:  06/11/2012