V- 2.30 Policy on Communicating Student Concerns About Athletic Programs and Activities

I. Purpose

Bowie State University (“BSU”) is committed to protecting the health, safety, welfare, and fair treatment of its student-athletes at all times. The purpose of this policy is to establish the University’s policy for receiving and effectively addressing student concerns about BSU athletic programs and activities.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all currently enrolled BSU students.

III. Definitions

    1. Anonymity or Anonymous for purposes of this policy means that an individual will not be identified by name or other identifying information.
    2. Athletic Activities for purposes of this policy refers to all activities sponsored by or on behalf of the Bowie State University Athletic Department, including recreational and intramural activities.
    3. Athletic Program for purposes of this policy refers to official programs sponsored by or on behalf of the Bowie State University Athletic Department.
    4. Retaliation for purposes of this policy refers to punitive behavior against an individual exercising their right to invoke a complaint under this policy.
    5. Student for purposes of this policy refers to currently enrolled students.

IV. Policy

Any currently enrolled student at BSU may lodge a complaint or note a concern about the University’s athletic programs and activities. The student is not required to be a student athlete in order to make a complaint about the program. This process is not intended to address concerns related to making a team roster, playing time, and/or a position on the team. Additionally, there are separate appeal processes for violations of the substance abuse policy, student-athlete conduct policy, and also issues related to financial aid and permission to contact and/ or transfer releases per NCAA rules, which all supersede this process.

BSU has institutional processes in place for handling certain types of complaints, including discrimination, harassment on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, sexual assault and sexual misconduct.  Therefore, certain matters brought to the Athletics Department’s attention may be more appropriately resolved by other BSU staff, and those complainants should be referred to the appropriate offices or procedures for resolution.

This policy is designed to address grievances that are appropriately resolved

within the framework of the Athletics Department and are not covered by another BSU process for dispute resolution. All reports will be investigated promptly and discreetly by the University, receiving careful consideration with the objective of addressing any improper conduct or violation.


1. Filing Complaint

BSU students will be permitted to file a complaint through an online form linked to the Athletic Department webpage. Each complaint will be reviewed by the Faculty Athletic Representative. The Faculty Athletic Representative will be responsible for determining the appropriate representative to address the complaint lodged, including forwarding relevant complaints to senior administrative officials when necessary. Students are permitted to file a complaint regarding either an athletic program or an athletic activity sponsored by the University. The student need not be an official team player on any of the University’s athletic teams to file a complaint under this policy.

      1. Anonymous Complaints
        Students may file complaints anonymously through this policy. All anonymous complaints will be recorded as anonymous in BSU’s maintenance records. Although complaints may be filed anonymously, anonymous complaints may not trigger the formal complaint process under this policy. In the event that an issue identified by an anonymous complaint is determined to require immediate action or follow up, the complaining individual may be contacted for follow up.
      2. Maintenance of Complaint Record
        The Faculty Athletic Representative will review all student concerns lodged under this policy. Additionally, the Faculty Athletic Representative will maintain a record of the complaints provided under this policy.

2. Response Time

 All complaints will be addressed within 14 days.


All complaints lodged under this Policy will be kept confidential provided that it does not interfere with BSU’s ability to conduct an investigation and take any corrective action deemed appropriate.


BSU prohibits retaliation or reprisals against individuals based on their pursuit in good faith of a grievance under this procedure, or their participation in good faith in this complaint grievance process.


All students who participate in the University’s athletic program or activities must receive a copy of this policy. The Faculty Athletic Representative will maintain a record of student athletes in receipt of this policy which will be preserved in accordance with University document retention standards.


Approved: September 25, 2019