X-15.11 - Policy on Hardware


To ensure that University-owned personal computers (PCs) are utilized for university business, that University-owned personal computers may be reallocated as determined by the needs of the University, and that University- owned personal computers are configured in accordance with the Wide Area Network standards.


  1. Scope: This policy applies to all offices and departments, including faculty and staff members of Bowie State University (BSU).
  2. Eligibility: This policy applies to all faculty and staff of Bowie State University who have been granted access to the BSU Wide Area Network via University-owned computers (“PCs”).
  3. Responsibility: The Department Chairs, School Deans, Division Heads, Vice Presidents, and the Provost, with guidance from the VP & CIO for the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) and the Internal Auditor and legal advice from the Office of EEO Programs/Legal Counsel, will ensure compliance with this policy.


  1. Network Access, Security, and PC Configuration
    1. DoIT provides and maintains a single Wide Area Network, with approximately 500 University-owned computers (PCs), that supports the education, research, and work of BSU faculty and staff.
    2. DoIT will grant network access privileges to those authorized to receive network access privileges in addition to such other positions as are requested by an area vice president.
    3. DoIT establishes the ‘base configuration’ of all University-owned computers (“PCs”) that are connected to the BSU Wide Area Network and any end-user customization should be approved by DoIT in order to ensure software and network compatibility.
    4. University-owned computers (“PCs”) should not be relocated without the proper consent from DoIT.
  2. University-owned computers (“PCs”) utilized by BSU employees should be used for university business only.
  3. PC Purchase, Distribution, and Reallocation
    1. BSU departments and offices must ascertain employee desktop computing requirements and their impact on employee productivity, realizing that older PCs can benefit those with simpler computing
    2. Per BSU Regulation VIII- 10, Section III, D; BSU departments and offices are responsible for obtaining the necessary approval for capital equipment additions and must submit justification for the purchase of new PCs to DoIT and the appropriate area vice president. (See Attachment 1)
    3. Upon receipt of new PCs, BSU departments and offices are responsible for notifying the Office of Information Technology for the proper ‘base configuration’ installation.
    4. DoIT will reallocate existing PCs, in collaboration with area vice presidents and department chairs.
  4. Maintenance and Repair
    1. University-owned computers (“PCs”) that are covered under warranty will be serviced upon receipt of parts from the appropriate
    2. University-owned computers (“PCs”) that are not covered by warranty will be serviced in accordance with parts availability and funding within DoIT.
    3. Maintenance and repair of printers (not connected to the Campus Wide Area Network) is the responsibility of the using department.
  5. Laptops

    Laptop computers are available on a limited basis from DoIT and may be reserved, picked up, and used only by BSU campus faculty and staff. Upon pickup of the laptop, BSU faculty and staff will assume full financial responsibility for the equipment and if not returned on time, borrowing privileges may be revoked.



University-owned computers (“PCs”) may be reallocated to other offices or departments as determined by the Area Vice President, in consultation with DoIT.


Revision Date: 01/03/2023