X-15.14 - Policy on Using FRS Query


Bowie State University (BSU) utilizes information technology to facilitate internal administrative operations involving financial accounting data. Financial Resources System (FRS) Query and related modules are front-end applications that extract financial data from the primary transactional system and allow users to query the data. Query results can be viewed online or printed.

This policy is designed to ensure the responsible and ethical behavior of FRS Query users in order to establish and preserve the integrity of application system data files, of which FRS Query provides read-only access to authorized users.


  1. Scope: This policy covers authorized access to BSU’s computerized financial resources through the use of FRS Query.
  2. Eligibility: This policy applies to all faculty and staff at BSU that have been granted access to computerized financial resources on the BSU Campus Wide Area Network via University-owned computers (“PCs”).

    These PCs operate within the Campus Wide Area Network through which data files are downloaded and managed centrally on the appropriate servers and/or distributed locally on authorized computers.
  3. Responsibility: The Department Chairs, School Deans, Division Heads, Vice Presidents, and the Provost, with guidance from the Vice-President & CIO of the Division of Information Technology (DoIT), and the Internal Auditor and legal advice from the Office of EEO Programs/Legal Counsel, will ensure compliance with this policy.


  1. Network Access Security

    The Vice-President & CIO of the Division of Information Technology will grant network access privileges to directories/subdirectories that are required in connection with FRS Query to those authorized to receive network access privileges in addition to such other positions as are requested by an area vice president.
  2. User-Level Security
    1. The Vice-President & CIO of the Division of Information Technology will:
      1. Identify members of a group and grant permission to groups and users to regulate what they are allowed to access within FRS Query;
      2. Maintain group/user access rights, log-on ids, and passwords and issue individual group/user accounts and passwords for accessing FRS Query;
      3. Control the assignment of passwords and change passwords periodically to retain confidentiality.
    2. Users will be:
      1. Required to identify themselves and type the appropriate log- on id and password when accessing FRS Query;
      2. Advised that all user accounts and passwords must be kept confidential and secure.
  3. Hardware Security

    PCs which have been logged onto FRS Query should not be left unattended.


  1. Data Consistency
    1. Security and data constraints prevent users from adding and correcting information in FRS Query.
    2. All data additions and corrections must be made in the existing legacy application Standalone “show systems” should not be maintained without authorization of the area Vice President and should be a last resort option.
  2. Data Presentation
    1. Various standard financial reports are available with the FRS Query system. They include:
      1. Financial Report by Account Number
      2. Financial Reports by Program
      3. Financial Reports by Divisions, Schools, or Department
      4. Financial Reports by Object Group
      5. Financial Reports by Sub Code
      6. Financial Reports by FRS Transactions
  3. FRS Query prominently displays criteria set by users. When providing reports for use by others, FRS Query users are expected to identify their selected criteria by entering them in the report’s sub-title.





Revision Date: 01/03/2023