X-15.22 - Policy on Departmental Application User Coordinators


Ensure that the approval and review process of privileges given to each user will be properly documented.


  1. Scope: Data stored on the Administrative Computer such as student information (Student Information System), human resource information (Human Resource Information System), alumni/development information (Alumni/Development System) and financial records (Financial Records System) have custodians designated as Departmental Application User Coordinators. This designation as the custodian cannot be delegated to another individual.
  2. Responsibilities:
    1. To review and approve Authorization Request Forms allowing access to computerized information such as Student Records, Financial Records account information, and Alumni addresses.
    2. To periodically review all users access to their systems' data such as the Student Information System data, Human Resource System data, Alumni/Development System data, and Financial Records System data.
    3. To approve all Electronic Data Processing Information (EDP) Request forms that use the data from their application.
    4. To act as a liaison to the Application user group for the purpose of giving feedback for possible future enhancements or correcting of problems. User requests for program modifications or enhancements are satisfied only through the user group advisory committees.
    5. To recommend new or revised policies and/or procedures on administrative application security to the Executive Staff.

Revision Date: 01/03/2023