X-15.23 - Policy on Computer Ethics


To ensure that Bowie State University (BSU) computer services are used in a responsible and courteous manner.


Each user of the Administrative Computer is responsible for using Bowie State University's computer services ethically and courteously.


  1. Users must only use the computing resources for which they are authorized and only for the purposes specified when their accounts were issued.
  2. Account users are responsible for all use of their accounts and must keep their passwords confidential to protect themselves, their files, and the University's files. If a user shares his/her password with another person, his/her account access is subject to termination. The Departmental Application User Coordinators authorize access for an individual only, such access cannot be delegated to another individual.
  3. Using offensive words to name files, in the text of mail messages, or on- screen saver messages is prohibited.
  4. Users must respect the rights of other A user may not deprive another of access to resources or encroach on another's use of computer facilities. Users should consider the impact of their conduct on other users.

Revision Date: 01/03/2023