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Non-essential employees are mostly teleworking, and classes have shifted to a hybrid model, with in-person and online instruction.

BSU/PGCPS Dual Enrollment Program


Bowie State University/Prince George's County Public Schools

Bowie State University (BSU) and Prince George's County Public School (PGCPS) have entered into a Dual Enrollment Agreement (pdf) to allow qualifying juniors and seniors to take courses at the university which will serve to meet high school graduation requirements and to accumulate college credits. This program which began in Fall 2015 is a great example of colleges and communities working together to enrich the lives of young people. Not only will students be able to take colleges courses but they will be able to experience college life as they began to make plans for their future.

Bowie State University with over 150 years of providing continuous educational experiences to students throughout this region and within the State of Maryland is proud to be able to reach out to the high school level and provide young people with new and exciting educational experiences. This partnership with PGCPS serves to begin a continued effort on the part of the BSU to reach into the community to provide a variety of different services, interactions, and partnerships which will be mutually beneficial.

Potential and continuing Dual Enrollment students must  complete an online PGCPS application. This application must be processed before the BSU application.  The application is used in part to obtain information and approval from the student's Counslor and Principal approving their participation and courses.  Once  the process is completed at the schools, BSU is informed about the eligibility of the student to participate in the program and will provide approval of which courses the student is allowed to take. 

Students may take Dual Credit courses which in addition to providing college level credit, but also will provide credits towards their high school graduation requirements.Dual Credit courses are college courses that have been reviewed by PGCPS and have been found to satisfy the requirements for their high school classes.Please review the Dual Credit Course List. It is updated as new courses are reviewed and approved.

There is a second listofcourses from which students may choosecourses from. This contains additional courses which do not provide high school credit. The please review the List of Courses Available to High School Students.

To be eligible for participation in the program, students must:

  1. Be enrolled in the 11th or 12th grade on the first day of the semester in which the course is offered. This will apply to rising 11th and 12th graders during the summer session.
  2. Demonstrate, via placement test, college readiness in math English and /or Reading. Results of Accuplacer, ACT and SAT may be used to determine readiness for college-level work. Minimum scores for college readiness are listed in Appendix of the handbook. During the time of the Pandemic, a gpa of 3.0 will be accepted in lieu of Accuplacer scores for placement into ENGL 101. 
  3. Maintain a 2.5 high school cumulative GPA. A GPA of 3.0 can be used if placement scores are not available for ENGL 101 and MATH 125 (scores on math classes in hgh school will be taken into consederation of placement).

Students who are interested in taking either English or mathematics must complete either Accuplacer, the SAT or the ACT. The results from either of these tests will allow the University to place you into the appropriate math class. We will use the scores submitted with the application to identify the appropriate math or English course. A copy of the current high school transcript must also be submitted with the application forms.

Applying for Summer and Fall 2021

Students who are interested in participating in the program should read the BSU/PGCPS Dual Enrollment Student Handbook (pdf) to learn more about the details of the program. Application for Summer and Fall 2021 requires the completion of 2 separate applications. One application is from PGCPS and the other application is from BSU.

  • Students had to first complete the Prince George's County Public School's Bowie State University Dual Enrollment Application.  This application is no longer available.  The deadline was May 3, 2021.
  • Students must then complete the BSU/PGCPS Dual Enrollment Application form. The form has two (2) parts. There will be a link to the second part after you complete the first part. This part assesses your Maryland residency and is required of all individuals who wish to attend Bowie State University and all of the other University System of Maryland schools. This application is still availble for completion. (Students must have completed the PGCPS application by May 3  2021) 
  • Submit your high school transcript to 
  • Submit any placement scores (Accuplacer, SAT or ACT) for use in placement into classes.

Note:  To review the class schedules for both Summer and Fall 2021, please go to the Bulldog Connection Class Schedules page.

Students should complete the form to have available as they work with their School Counselors to identify classes which will benefit them. Send a copy of your transcript and scores from either the SAT, ACT or Accuplacer to These scores are crucial for placement into specific courses . Contact the Continuing Education Office at Bowie State University to discuss the courses being offered in the upcoming semester or session.

Schedule an appointment with the Director of Continuing Education to complete the admissions and registration process. Go to the Continuing Education Website on BSUs website and use the link to schedule an appointment. This is also the link: Appointment Scheduler for Dual Enrollment

New students in the Dual Enrollment program should take a minute to review the Orientation Presentation (pdf).

We look forward to working with the students in PGCPS as they begin taking courses at Bowie State University. The experience will be very rewarding and beneficial for both the high school students in starting on the path to a higher education degree and for BSU in assisting the community.

Please contact the Office of Continuing Education if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance in this process. Our phone number is 301-860-3991 and our email address is or