Latanya Brown-Robertson

Dr. LaTanya Brown-Robertson currently serves as the Special Assistant for Research and Development in the College of Business at Bowie State University. Dr. Brown-Robertson is responsible for moving the Business program to a Carnegie Research level two status. This role entails developing undergraduate and graduate programs, improving federal/state investments, and enhancing student engagement through research collaborations. For two years, Dr. Brown-Robertson served as Interim Chair of the Accounting Finance and Economics Department at Bowie State University. As Chair, she developed and executed a Department Strategic Plan, which involved hiring two new tenure-track faculty members, including a new faculty position in Data Analytics for the newly formed concentration in Data Analytics. 

Dr. Brown-Robertson has led funded grants through the Carnegie and Ford Foundations to address underserved communities' issues in the United States. Dr. Brown currently serves as Principal Investigator for two Data Science and Analytics Grants and leads the Data Science Analytics Initiative at Bowie State University. Under the National Science Foundation (NSF), she serves as Principal Investigator for a grant to Infuse Data Science and Analytics into the Undergraduate Curriculum at Bowie State University. Under the Maryland Department of Behavioral Health, she serves as Principal Investigation for the Maryland State Opioid Response II data collection and progress reporting.

Dr. Brown-Robertson is also a Full professor of Economics at Bowie State University. Her research and fields include Data Science and Analytics, Urban Economics, Housing Economics, and Stratification Economics. She holds publications in various peer-reviewed journals, including the American Economic ReviewEastern Economic Association Journal, Review of the Black Political Economy, and the Community Development Society Journal. At Bowie State University, Dr. Brown-Robertson also specializes in conducting racial impact, economic impact, feasibility studies for state governments and national organizations. She is a Bowie State University research workgroup Co-Lead, which conducted racial impact statements for the Maryland Department of Legislative Service. Her economic impact work includes reports such as the Analysis of Neighborhoods in the District of Columbia, Economic Impact of the Music Industry, and The Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Operation of a Casino at Rosecroft Raceway.

She serves on the board for the nonprofit People for Change Coalition (PFCC) and is a Huntington City Community Development Corporation board member. Her most recent research interest explores answering local economic policy questions by developing databases that connect Census data to unstructured local administrative data.

Other previous leadership positions include Chair of the Business Core Committee in the College of Business; Coordinator for Assessment and Accreditation; Co-Chair of the Bowie State University Curriculum Racecourse; Faculty Fellow for the University System of Maryland and Director of the University's Undergraduate Learning Assistant program.