Stephan Marcellus

Stephan MarcellusThe power of Stephan Marcellus (’12) is in the purity of his sound, the authenticity of his stories, and the honesty of his voice. Marcellus’s storytelling enchants you, his performances captivate you, and his presence leaves you in awe. Marcellus has a way of making the grandest stage feel like the most intimate experience. Marcellus’s sound artfully coined alternative soul is a blend of nostalgic soul and new age resilience. His eclectic style paired with his message of freedom and authority transcends all barriers allowing him to move freely through all genres of music.  The essence of Marcellus rests in his spirituality, which stems from his Guyanese roots and is the foundation of his artistry.  A BSU alumnus and breakout star on Season 13 of NBC’s The Voice, Marcellus knows how to make waves, inspiring others along the way. The tenacity, texture, and tone of Marcellus’s voice calls to the free-thinkers, dreamers, and trailblazers…the “rebellious” soul generation.