The Life Cycle of High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High performance computing (HPC) is a popular buzzword commonly found in the computing industry today. It seems that every organization, vendor, or laboratory has a different approach and definition to HPC. In this talk, Dr. Marcel Fallet will introduce HPC from the standpoints of hardware, software, and architecture, and how all three topics intimately interact to form a definition of HPC consistent with NSA values. He will discuss how our hardest mission problems inform how we design, build, test, and interact with at-scale systems, and present an argument that HPC is a constant flow of planning for, and enabling, new technologies.

Bio: Dr. Marcel Fallet 

Marcel FalletDr. Marcel Fallet is a STEM Technical Leader at the National Security Agency, specializing in high performance computing (HPC). A chemist at heart, Dr. Fallet's career has granted him experience as a computational simulation researcher, as well as a technical leader for large scale system design, production, delivery, and support. Dr. Fallet received his Master's Degree in chemistry from Northwestern University in 2007, and his Ph. D in computational chemistry from Clemson University in 2013. Prior to joining the NSA, Dr. Fallet was a Research Assistant Professor at the United States Naval Academy, working to advance the state of the art in tribological simulations using molecular dynamics.