Department of History & Government

Philosophy, Politics & Economics Major

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The Philosophy, Politics & Economics program explores how public policies are developed, articulated, and implemented in democratic societies. With guidance from our expert faculty, students gain a wealth of knowledge to prepare for careers in areas like law, international affairs, public policy and journalism.

Bowie State is committed to fostering a sense of social responsibility and awareness for regional and global issues that affect our communities. As the only program of its kind at a Maryland HBCU, BSU’s PPE majors will become strong leaders with a unique, diverse lens to view complex social and economic challenges. In this program, you will:

  • Cultivate a basic understanding of philosophy, politics and economics and their intersection
  • Help students to build ability for critical thinking, and moral reasoning and analytical skills needed to evaluate policies that have regional, national and global implications
  • Develop strong written and oral communication skills that are required for presenting sound ethical reasoning and political arguments on complex issues and/or challenging problems of contemporary life
  • Study crucial economic issues and gain the competence for effective policy articulation
  • Combine the various methods and interdisciplinary skills for teaching, research and scholarship