Department of Technology & Security

Research Laboratories


AI + X

Director: Dr. Haydar Teymourlouei, Professor, Department of Technology & Security

The AI + X research Laboratory involves research studies in Artificial Intelligence to include but not limited to the following areas: Machine Language, Block Chain, IoT, Security and Big Data Analytics.   All areas will tackle analogies, innovation, ideation, and practical applications.

Cloud Open-Source Research Education Laboratory (COREL)

Director: Dr. Clarence Ray, Professor, Department of Technology & Security

The COREL laboratory connects students, subject matter experts, and technology content from anywhere at any time using the five core IT Enterprise Concepts:

  1. Cloud Computing – Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure
  2. Collaboration & Communication
  3. Content Management - cloud-based workflows for research, teaching and training
  4. Cybersecurity - Research Computing, Data Architecture and Advanced CyberInfrastructure
  5. Connected Enterprise (social Technologies)

Education Innovation Initiative (EI2)

Director: Dr. Lethia Jackson, Chair, Department of Technology & Security

EI2 Laboratory is an over-arching operational concept based on innovation IT, which is grounded in the objective of establishing career pathways in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) and STEM-related disciplines from P-20.  At the center of this operational concept is the emphasis is on “hard skills” and “soft skills” that connect people to the environment through both STEM and inter-disciplinary approaches to STEM immersion using curriculum enrichment environments outside of the classroom, yet aligned with course objectives and standards-based common bodies of knowledge.

Forensic Technology Investigation (FTI)

Director: Dr. Haydar Teymourlouei, Professor, Department of Technology & Security

The FTI research Laboratory fosters technology innovation that enforces competency based strategies needed to establish a world-class data-driven discovery and analysis cybersecurity program to meet the emerging needs of local, state, national and international workforce requirements in the field of cybersecurity and data science.  This research laboratory responds to building capaciy through capstone projects as well as Hackathons.

Innovation, Ideation and Internet (I-3)

Director: Dr. Velma Latson, Professor, Department of Technology & Security

The I-3 research lab is designed to provide an opportunity for students to conduct research and build innovative technologies to address challenges in today's computing environments. Projects are interdisciplinary and have involved homelessness, climate change, water pollution, education, and more. I-3 faculty mentors are prominent leaders in the interdisciplinary technology fields of cloud computing, networking, mobile application development, programming, and more. Our projects have been showcased in top academic conferences and have made great impacts on real-world problems