Department of Technology & Security

Clubs & Organizations


FTI - Cyber Squad

This is open to Computer Technology majors that have successfully completed CTEC 114, CTEC 214, CTEC 302, CTEC 305 with an understanding of a wide variety of desktop application level issues and knowledge of network communications. Faculty Mentors: Haydar Teymourlouei (Assistant Professor, Department of Technology & Security).

Bowie Applied Technology Training Laboratory Experience (BATTLE) Internships

This is a five-week paid internship program designed to develop and encourage technology innovation that enforced competency in Cloud Technology, Cloud Virtualization, Networking, Network & Server Security and Advanced Server Technology. The vision is to equip a generation of qualified and ready students with the knowledge and emerging technology tools who are able to meet local, state, national and international workforce requirements. Faculty Mentors: Dr. Jesse Bemley (Lecturer, Department of Technology & Security) & Mr. Clarence Ray (Lecturer, Department of Technology & Security).

Patriots Technology Training Center

This is a workshop session held on Saturdays for both Middle and High School students that have an interest in computers and excelling in school. The committee will select 15 students based on teacher recommendation and most recent report card. Faculty Mentor: Daryl Stone (Assistant Professor, Department of Technology & Security).

Design and Think Innovation Capstone Project

The Department of Technology & Security is in collaboration with the Baltimore YouthWorks Program has created a five-week capstone project that develops young professionals with innovative critical thinking skills that involve research to implement a technology driven solution which addresses the Baltimore City Community. Faculty Mentors: Velma Latson (Assistant Professor, Department of Technology & Security) & Dr. Lethia Jackson (Professor, Department of Technology & Security).

Data and Cloud Computing Society Organization

This operates as an educational and social organization intended for members with an interest in cloud computing, data, and information technology. Faculty Mentors:  Dr. Jesse Bemley (Lecturer, Department of Technology & Security) & Mr. Clarence Ray (Lecturer, Department of Technology & Security).

DataTech + X

This is an undergraduate research opportunity open to CTEC majors to apply data science tools, trends, and technologies to interdisciplinary fields utilizing large data sets in various industries such as healthcare, sports, government, and business to extract insights from data in order to address social and economic issues.