Department of Technology & Security

Current Tracks


The Department of Technology and Security offers three tracks for undergraduate students. Through these programs, students gain expertise in specific areas of network enterprise infrastructure, internet and multimedia applications, and Data Science and Database Administration to become adequately prepared for life after graduation.

Current Tracks

Review the program requirements for students pursuing a degree in Computer Technology.

Network Enterprise Infrastructure Track

Gain skills in cloud computing, data management and infrastructure management. Students in this track use hardware and software to build networks that enable connectivity, communication, operations and management.

Internet Technologies Track

In this track, students take a deep dive into edge technology by learning how to  configure sensors, wireless network connections and edge-computing platforms. Courses in this track prepare students to design and program prototypes and systems using the Internet of things (IoT).

Data Science and Database Administration Track

Students use technical skills to predict and describe prescriptive modeling to support decision-making. In addition, students will implement and design the architectural structure of the Oracle Database Management System.