Entrepreneurship Academy


 Dr. Wendy M. Edmonds

Dr. Edmonds is an assistant professor in the Department of Behavioral Science and Human Services at Bowie State University. As one of the leading experts in “Toxic Followership,” she is the author of “inTOXICating FOLLOWERSHIP,” Chair of the International Leadership Association – Followership Learning Community, and an internationally recognized researcher. Dr. Edmonds is also an entrepreneur, launching several businesses since the age of eight and enjoys start-up coaching.



 Dr. Eric Bonsu

Dr. Bonsu is an associate professor in the Department of Natural Sciences at Bowie State University. His research is in modern synthetic chemistry, the usage of modern state-of-the art analytical instrumentation for full physio-chemical characterization of the properties of new and existing chemical substances, as well as the application of computational, mechanistic, structure - activity relationships to drug design, development and synthesis. His work in intelligent drug design, synthesis, and evaluation of new and structurally - modified agents is advancing research leading to the discovery of new antiviral, anticancer and antimalaria drugs which will stop/ reverse cancer or eradicate the etiological agents of malaria and viral diseases.

 Dr. Dayo Oyeleye

Dr. Oyeleye is an assistant professor in the Management, Marketing and Public Administration Department in the College of Business at Bowie State University. Dr. Oyeleye utilize analytical, technical and strategic approaches to proactively inspire his students to go beyond just thinking about classroom assignments but to develop result driven skills that will allow them to explore how they can contribute to the society in general. His teaching goal is to create a classroom environment that will effectively communicate and motivate his students to believe in themselves so they can achieve their potential and learn to think that everything is possible.

Dr. Oyeleye is a people developer with 20 years of technical and organizational hands-on experienced in leading people to be result driven in the Information Technology (IT) industry specifically focusing on technology adoption, Dr. Oyeleye is also dedicated to serving in the community. His passion continues to expand in coaching, and mentoring business owners, developing and facilitating leadership training for corporate organizations. Dr. Oyeleye received a doctoral degree from the University of Maryland Global College in IT Management. He is a certified trainer for I-Corps program and a member of the Entrepreneurship Innovation Center’s Faculty Steering Committee.