Semester Education Abroad Policy

  1. Credits and grades for approved courses taken abroad become part of the students’ academic transcript. Grades are the exclusive prerogative of the faculty members teaching the courses. If students have questions about grading in any particular course, they must consult the faculty member teaching that course. If a student wishes to dispute a grade must first contact the study abroad program, upon written notice of failure to alter grade the student should follow BSU Grade Appeal Policy.
  2. Students applying for study abroad must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 at the time of application. Any student whose cumulative GPA falls between 2.50 and 2.75 must submit a Waiver of GPA Requirement form by the specified deadline. Waivers are not automatically granted and each case will be viewed independently. A student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.50 will not be allowed to participate in a semester/year study abroad even if given prior approval. Approval for some partner programs may have their own GPA requirements that could be different than Bowie State University (BSU).
  3. A student with a conduct sanction or who has one placed on them after being accepted to study abroad must submit a Request for Waiver of Conduct Clearance form. If the sanction is applied to the semester in which the student intends to study abroad, the student will be ineligible to study abroad. All conduct waivers must be approved by the Director of International Education.
  4. All semester/year study abroad programs must be pre-approved by the International Office at BSU. Each student must meet with the Education Abroad Coordinator to determine if the program meets BSU’s study abroad criteria. Acceptance from a study abroad provider will not automatically gain approval to receive academic credit.
  5. All students must maintain full-time status while abroad. Students may not take classes for pass/fail unless given written permission by the Coordinator of Study Abroad. Failure to maintain full time status could result in change in their financial aid package or return of funds to BSU. It is the student’s responsibility to assure they are equivalent to full time status while studying abroad. Students will receive final approval of courses and credit prior to leaving for their program from their academic coordinator. Failure to obtain approval may result in loss of academic credit or additional time required to meet graduation requirements.
  6. Students who receive financial assistance at BSU may apply federal financial aid. Other types of aid use will be determined by the type of program the student attends. Work study cannot be applied.
  7. Students must reside at approved study abroad program residence facilities (ie...dorm, apartment or approved homestays).
  8. Withdrawal from a program initiated by the student, BSU or the Study Abroad Provider, will result in loss of fees and tuition in accordance with BSU’s refund policy.
  9. Each student must attend the Study Abroad Safety and Security session prior to the semester they go abroad. Students who fail to attend the information session or leave the information session prior to its conclusion will not be permitted to receive credit from BSU.
  10. A study abroad program fee will be added to the student’s semester bill once their study abroad program has been approved by the Office of International Education & Services.