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See below available worksheets, calculators and websites to help you improve your money management skills. To view the PDF documents below, download the free Adobe Acrobat reader by clicking here.

Money Management

40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know - Learn how to take control of your money! Savings, credit, identity theft and more!

10 Steps to Balancing your Checking Account – Never let your account reach the –negative again, know where your money is going. Use this worksheet to learn how to balance your checking account.

Debt Recovery - Use this worksheet to track the amounts of money you owe for each creditor.

Credit Card Payoff Calculator (CashCourse) - Use this nifty calculator to see when you can pay off your credit card(s).


Budgeting for Life After College – Use this worksheet create a budget based on new expenses and income that will arise after you leave college.

Monthly Budget – Creating a monthly budget, is essential to identifying and monitoring your income and expenses. Know where your money is going!

Needs Versus Wants - Trying to decide between a new pair of shoes or Use this worksheet to help you determine your own needs and wants and find substitutes for expensive wants.

Budget Wizard (CashCourse) - Enter your income and expenses to set up your personal monthly budget. You can return to the Budget Wizard whenever you make a purchase to keep yourself on track.


Savings Goal- Thinking about taking a vacation, or buying something nice for yourself sooner or later? Use this worksheet to create a plan to achieving S.M.A.R.T savings goals.

Emergency Fund- Getting started is the hardest part. Use this worksheet to get started saving and build up an emergency fund.

Paying for School

Student Loan Comparison Chart - Use this worksheet to keep track of different terms and fees of loans, whether your shopping around or tracking any current student loans.

Student loan Payoff Calculator (CashCourse) - Calculatehow long it will take to pay off your student loans!


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National Student Loan Data Service: - Check your current student loan amounts here!

Free Application for Federal Student Aid:

Federal Student Aid: Get answers to questions regarding preparing for college, types of aid available, applying for aid, managing your student loans and more!

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Education Benefits -

G.I. Bill Comparison Tool - Calculate your benefits and approved higher education programs.

ROTC Scholarships - - Get your Free Annual credit report from all 3 bureaus.