Assessment Coordinators

Assessment Coordinators 2021-2022

College of Arts and Sciences

Karima Haynes, Communications

Jie Yan, Computer Science

Patricia Hughes, Computer Science

C. Jenise Williamson, Language, Literature, & Cultural Studies

Velma Latson, Technology & Security

Marvin Bright, Technology & Security

Carmen Walker, History & Government

Roger Davidson, History & Government

Cassandra Scott, Mathematics

Lucia Santacruz, Natural Sciences

Art Vidrine, Fine & Performing Arts 

College of Professional Studies

Charla McKinzie Bishop, BSHS

Sharon Wilks, Nursing

Ayanna Lynch, Psychology

Makeba Green, Social Work

Vivian Shannon-Ramsey, Social Work

College of Business

Nedra Mahone, Coordinator of Assessment and Accreditation

Tibebe Abebe Assefa, Accounting, Finance & Economics

Andrea Calloway, MIS

College of Education

Kimberly Daniel, Counseling

Sean Coleman, Educational Leadership

Lynne Long, Teaching, Learning and Professional Development

Waseem Mazher, Teaching, Learning and Professional Development

Dawn Johnson-Tate, Accreditation Coordinator

Division of Academic Affairs

Lynn Harbinson – General Education Assessment Coordinator

Becky Verzinski - AVP for Assessment