Student Learning Committees

Academic Affairs Assessment Alliance 

The mission of the Alliance is to advance assessment practices across the colleges by collecting, analyzing, and sharing student learning outcomes for continuous programmatic improvement.


1.      Collect and analyze general education core competencies data to support MSCHE

2.      Support faculty assessment coordinators and staff ACs through professional development opportunities

3.      Model best practices in assessment

4.      Strengthen assessment structures within the colleges

5.      Leverage technology to support data collection (Bb, Watermark, ExamSoft etc.) to improve student learning within academic programs

Members of the Alliance include:

Office of the Provost: Dr. Becky

College of Arts and Sciences: Dr. Marvin Bright,

College of Business: Ms. Nedra Mahone,

College of Education: Dr. Dawn Johnson-Tate,

College of Professional Studies: Dr. Dhruba Dhungel,

General Education Committee

The General Education Committee was reconstituted in 2012.  It is responsible for leadership in developing the general education program, for reviewing and recommending courses for the general education program, recommending policies to support the general education program, and for assessing the general education program in conjunction with the AVP for Assessment.

Committee for Assessment of the Student Learning Experience

The University Student Learning Assessment Committee was formed in Fall 2009 and renamed in 2018 as the Committee for Assessment of the Student Learning Experience. It is a standing Committee of the Faculty Senate and is responsible for leading all efforts with academic program assessment. Officers include: Charla McKinzie Bishop (Co-chair); Lucia Santa Cruz (Co-chair); Dawn Johnson Tate (Vice-chair); and Andrea Calloway (Secretary).

Assessment Coordinators are appointed annually by the academic departments from each college. Faculty can serve multiple years when appropriate. View the current Assesment Coordinators.