Space-inspired Technology Unveiled at BSU

Inventor of the Evodia Solar Table and President/CEO of SolGreen® Solutions Corp., Matthew Portis chose Bowie State University as the location to introduce the next first of its kind clean technology anywhere in the world. Matthew Portis is the creator of the solar charging tables and solar charging bus shelter located on the BSU campus.

On Wednesday, Feb 6 in the Student Center to a small group of enthusiastic participants consisting of students and staff, Matthew Portis unveiled, displayed, demonstrated and explained in luncheon style discussion the new SolGreen Casini™ Power Hub.

The SolGreen Casini™ Power Hub is a revolutionary first-of-its-kind technology that basically uses solar energy to power up mobile and other electronic devices as well as lighting and other features using a patented powerful PVSE (solar) system that can integrate with most existing outdoor bus shelters. The new technology offers grid free solar powered services from 100% clean energy for charging devices while waiting on transportation.

View the SolGreen Casini™ press release.

The technology already existed at the bus shelter located between MLK Center and Center of Business and Graduate Studies, however, the SolGreen Casini™ Power Hub (P-Hub) is the commercialization of the existing system.

Existing Features

  • PVSE system (solar panel)
  • 4 USB ports
  • 1 GFCI outlet (stand power plug)
  • LED lighting

Possible Additional Features

  • Wi-fi connection: existing or new
  • Security camera
  • Digital signage

The debut of this technology at Bowie State University comes just 5 years after another first-of-its-kind SolGreen® technology-the Evodia Solar Table, was installed on the BSU campus making us the first university in the U.S. to own such tables for outdoor spaces. This clean technology solution was motivated and inspired by the Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft, one of the most complex interplanetary spacecrafts ever built by NASA. The expectation is the Casini P-Hub will supply millions of users with clean, renewable energy in transport locations across the country.