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Embarking on a journey of academic exploration and innovation, the Scholarship for Service (SFS) activities at Bowie State University unfold as a tapestry of collaborative endeavors. Beyond the diverse array of research projects, the SFS cohort thrives on a culture of mutual support and mentorship. As scholars immerse themselves in individual research pursuits, a palpable sense of community and teamwork permeates the academic landscape. This dynamic environment not only nurtures peer-to-peer mentoring but also creates a rich tapestry of shared experiences and knowledge exchange. Within this vibrant ecosystem, scholars not only navigate the complexities of their projects but also collectively contribute to the overarching goals of academic excellence and impactful contributions to the cybersecurity and data processing realms. Moreover, this commitment extends beyond the university campus, as SFS scholars are actively involved in mentoring high school students. Through regular interactions and shared experiences, these aspiring scholars not only contribute to the academic development of the next generation but also reinforce the collaborative spirit that defines the SFS community at Bowie State University.


Discover SFS: Upcoming Events

Step into the world of upcoming events with the Scholarship for Service (SFS) cohort at Bowie State University. Join us to discover the diverse range of events the SFS cohort will partake in, offering opportunities to connect, learn, and contribute to the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Stay tuned for event details and get ready for enriching experiences with the SFS community!

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Cyber Scholars: Bridging Futures at Charles Flowers High

Five dedicated students from Charles Flowers High School are currently participatingin internships alongside BSU SFS scholars, creating a dynamic collaboration. These motivated mentees attend BSU every Monday to Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, engaging with their mentors on shared research projects. Not only do they actively contribute to ongoing research, but they also have the invaluable opportunity to interact with the esteemed faculty guiding their mentors. Additionally, these aspiring scholars actively participate in the bi-weekly SFS Presentations, further enriching their learning experience and fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas within the academic community.

Dawn Marshall MentoringJada Danner MentoringJared Robinson Mentoring

Roxan Rockefeller Mentoring








Explore Research: Faculty-Guided Excellence

Bowie State University's faculty-guided research, led by esteemed advisors Dr. Jie Yan, Dr. Sarker Kamruzzman, and Anijoy Chakma, showcases the diverse expertise within the Computer Science department. SFS scholars Jada A Danner and Kamal A EPPS, mentored by Dr. Yan, are pioneering a cost-effective image forensic analyzer using Raspberry Pi. Meanwhile, under Dr. Kamruzzman's guidance, Roxan C. Rockefeller and Dawn L. Marshall explore malware detection using a deep learning approach. Anijoy Chakma advises scholar Jared L. Robinson on cross-domain sensing and modeling for smart environments, addressing challenges in aggregating and processing multi-stream, multi-modal data. This faculty-mentored research enriches scholars' understanding of cybersecurity, machine learning, and smart environments.

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