Department of Fine and Performing Arts

Unity Mural

Bowie State University partnered with the University of Maryland, College Park to develop a Unity Mural to take a stand against divisiveness and reflect upon themes of peace, justice and unity.

The mural, developed by BSU and UMD art students and faculty, will hang at the Maryland House of Delegates in Annapolis and other community locations before being split up to find a permanent home at each university.

The students and faculty came together at the NextNOW Fest from Sept. 15-16, 2017, to contribute their creative talents to developing the four-panel, hand-painted mural. This collaboration presents an opportunity for students to spark a dialogue and call to action for our communities. The hope is that community-building and healing through art and creative expression can foster joint stewardship of the relationships between the campuses.Student artists from BSU’s Professor Gina Lewis’s New Media: Installation & Public Art Class and UMD’s Dr. Margaret Walker’s Intro to Art Education designed and painted the mural. Students from BSU’s Professor Jennifer White-Johnson’s Photojournalism Class captured the making of the mural through photography, a website and a documentary film.

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