Global Research Experiences

Graduate Students

Tropical Plants Metabolomics Advanced Training Institute in Kenya

This IRES track II Award to Bowie State University, Bowie, in collaboration with Morgan State University in Baltimore MD, will support ten graduate students from USA and ten graduate students from Kenya for three weeks annually during summers of 2022- 2024. Training is primarily conducted at Nairobi University with collaborating organizations in Kenya in the area of Plant Bioactive compounds. This project trains global scientists and develops a student’s identity as a scientist by providing global training exposure to minority graduate students. Students are mentored by world class research scientist and mentors who not only guide them in research but also train them in professional skills development, literature review, experimental techniques and design, data collection and analysis. The international research experience is being flanked by a rich cultural and social program which is expected to be transformative as it produces globally engaged citizens. Learn more about this global research experience.

Undergraduate Students

Food Security Research Experience in Kenya, Africa

Students spend the first week at BSU for an intensive boot camp on safety, ethics and the responsible conduct of research, the history and culture of Kenya, and basic scientific principles to prepare for the research project. The next 8 weeks are dedicated to research at Egerton University and University of Nairobi (Kenya) followed by a concluding week at BSU where students present the results of their research. Students will learn how research is conducted, analyzed, and communicated. Many will present the results of their work at scientific conferences, and some will publish the results in peer-reviewed journals. Learn more about this global research experience.

International Agricultural Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates in Kenya, Africa

This BSU-REEU award supports both International and research experiences for 6 undergraduate students who will be immersed in an 8 weeks’ international summer research program from 2020 – 2025 in Kenya, Africa. All expenses for this program are paid for. This include roundtrip air travel, lodging and in country transport as well as a weekly stipend of $400. The program is hosted by Bowie State University (BSU)’s Department of Natural Sciences and the Department of Crops, Horticulture and Soils at Egerton University, Kenya. The program is open to all undergraduate students from all over the Nation as well as Bowie State University. Learn more about this global research experience.